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Trail Services

Connecting people through natural experiences involving wilderness and parklands, barefoot and otherwise.


From discussion to delivery.
Ensuring the best product for its purpose while respecting and promoting the enhancement of the surrounding environment.
Creative Lines delivers full scale audits, trail design and planning, research and data collection as well as construction, repair and maintenance.


Specialising in sustainable natural surface trails requires understanding of soil structures and ecology to ensure the best suited techniques and materials are used to enhance both the sustainability of the trail, and the user experience.

All our trails are designed and constructed using international standards and proven sustainable techniques.


Mountain Bike Trails, Parks and Facilities.

Recreation in the outdoors takes many shapes and forms. Understanding the desired experiences of the user is paramount in creating the best result.

Creative Lines has invested and social interests in walking, mountain biking and horse riding activities.

Our enjoyment of the outdoors is real.

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