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Our projects specialise in remote locations and logistically challenging terrain to bring world class, sustainable and environmentally considerate enhancement of nature based public assets.

Creativelines Pty Ltd carries all necessary insurances and qualifications for its works.

If you would like any further information regarding any of our projects, or a copy of our company profile, please contact us through our contact page.


Lennards Island

This short 120m Class 4 trail provides access to Lennards Island from Beowa NP a few kilometers North of Eden, NSW. 
A combination of dry stone stair construction, sandstone steps & retaining walls, along with on-site fabricated hand railing, this site proved compact and incredibly technical. Requiring all the hidden techniques to blend in with the terrain and achieve a great result.


Gould's Circuit

Set in the middle of a heavily eroded shield volcano known as the Warrumbungles, Gould's Circuit boasts some magnificent views of the many-millions of years old rock formations including dykes, plugs and domes. 
Our remote location crews completed the instillation of approximately 200 sandstone steps at the upper most area of the trail that lead to the summit of Macha Tor.
The region is also known for its incredibly clear night skies and is a hot spot for astronomers and star gazers.

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 4.55.54 pm.png

The Bundian Way

The Bundian Way is an ancient pathway for Aboriginal people from Yuin, Ngarigo, Jaitmathang, Bidawal Country that provided safe passage between the coast and the high country. Travel along the pathway allowed different tribal groups to gather on the shores of Turemulerrer (Twofold Bay) during the spring whale migration and ceremonial places near Targangal (Mount Kosciuszko) for the Bogong gatherings in summer.

Creative Lines has been engaged to design this 36km first node of the Bundian Way from Jigamy Farm to Bilgalera, including large sections of natural surface walking trails, stonework, elevated structures and staircases, viewpoints and camp grounds.


City Rock Walking Trail

Completed in August 2022 for NPWS. Our trail crew completed approximately 400m or fire and flood damaged trail at City Rock in the southern area of Ben Boyd National Park.
Know for ship wrecks, land based deep sea fishing and sea cliff rock climbing, this incredible location boasts a dramatic connection to the deep blue.


Eden MTB Trail Network

The epicenter of Eden is now a 56km network of incredible mountain-biking trails. Working as part of a great team alongside our friends at Contour Works, our crews have put together something very special.

Presently, all trails are still closed. Keep an eye on our social media pages for progress updates and opening notifications. (links at the top of the page)


The Pinnacles Loop Walking Trail

This stunning 1km loop in the Ben Boyd National Park near Eden, NSW received significant upgrades in early 2022. 
Including sandstone features to to both lookouts and a counter-levered platform, resurfacing and repairs to much of the loop.


Tura Headland

Launching out from the NSW far south coastline of golden beaches, Tura Head reaches out almost a kilometer into the Pacific Ocean.
A major hotspot for whale and marine life watchers, keen fishermen, divers, daily walkers and with some gorgeous family sized rock-pools out on it's point, a great day out fro families on a calm day.
This NSW State Funded project saw Creative Lines install 3 lookouts and 800m of hardened surface trail allowing greater accessibility to several points of the headland for all abilities.


Reid's Tramline Walking Trail

Positioned 90kms from Melbournes CBD, in the thick forest of Powelltown, Victoria. Reid's Tramline Walking Trail is a mystical short walk through a dense fern tree forest, full of lyre birds and other magical wildlife. Creative Lines was engaged by D.E.W.L.P. in June 2021 to upgrade some of the bridges and elevated platforms along the walk.


Illawong Walking Track

Split over two summers in 2021 ans 2022. Our remote teams completed a series of upgrades and realignment works to the Illawong Walking Track. 
The 2.5km trail leads up stream from Guthega in the Kosciuszko National Park along the Snowy River to Illawong Hut and a suspension bridge over the Snowy River.


Muranna Point - Great South Coast Walk

Known for the famous Camel and Horse Head Rock formations. This Iconic South coast location just north of Bermagui involves significant cultural heritage sites, land and marine environmental sensitivities.
Our team were engaged here to install a number of elevated structures, viewing platforms and natural surface trail to heighten the experience of tourist sight seers, whale watchers and local residents.


Cobargo Park

In 2019 Creative Lines was engaged to assist the local community to form a low maintenance pump track and jump facility in the heart of Cobargo Park.


West-Side Park

Working with Bega Valley Shire Council’s Eden Place Plan Project in 2018, Creative Lines was engaged to assist with the establishment of a Bush Tucker Garden, formalisation of a beginner dirt jump and junior pump track in what is locally known as West Side Park, Eden.


Auditing, GIS Mapping and Aerial Reporting

Our audits assist land management groups successfully produce factual ground-truthed information for the purpose of project funding acquisition, facility monitoring and ongoing maintenance requirements. 
We use several GIS compatible platforms along with drone imagery to produce and deliver useful and real on ground detailed information.


Documentation and Reports

Research, Acknowledge, Present.
Creative Lines produces Land Management Plans, Vegetation Management Plans, Land-Use Feasibility Studies, Concept, Draft and Detailed Master Plans, among other documentation for both public and private sector clients.
Our purpose is to share what is, along with the concepts of what could be and how we would recommend going about producing it using sound, proven and respected knowledge and methodologies.


Native Forest and Ecological Restoration

Our teams provide assessment, report and on ground restorative processes to a number of pristine and sensitive locations across the state of NSW that were severely burnt during the 2019/2020 fires. Our work continues to assist Forestry Corporation to manage and maintain their public accessibility throughout the southern region of NSW.


Mt Buller Rehabilitation Project

Creative Lines is managing a staged three year planting project that will enable successful ecological rehabilitation on Mt Buller as part of their Environmental Offset for the Sustainable Water Security Project which saw the recent instillation of a new 100 megalitre dam. Works began in late Spring 2020 and will continue to plant 45,000 plants, monitor, report and maintain the site through to 2023.


Sediment and Errosion Control

Creative Lines was engaged immediately after the 2019/20 summer fires on the NSW South Coast to assist with sediment and erosion control methods which proved extremely effective in filtering and retaining a huge amount of sediment from a number of water ways and catchments throughout the region.

Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.

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