Creativelines Pty Ltd carries all necessary insurances and qualifications for its works.
If you would like any further information regarding any of our projects, or a copy of our company profile, please contact us through our contact page.


Illawong Walking Track

During the summer of 2020/21 Creativelines began works on a series of upgrades and realignments to the Illawong Walking Track.
The 2.5km trail leads up stream from Guthega in the Kosciuszko National Park along the Snowy River to Illawong Hut and a suspension bridge over the Snowy River.
This trail links to a section of the Snowies Iconic Walk that continues up to Charlottes Pass.


Native Forest and Ecological Restoration

Creativelines has been engaged to asses, report and provide restorative processes to a number of pristine and sensitive locations across the state of NSW that were severely burnt during the 2019/2020 fires.


Muranna Point - Great South Coast Walk

Creativelines was successful in its tender to install two viewing platforms and boardwalks at the Muranna Point Headland as part of the Great South Coast Walk Project (Camel Rock and Wallaga Lake). This Iconic South coast location just north of Bermagui involves cultural heritage sites, both land and marine environmental sensitivities.
Works will begin in Spring 2020.

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Mt Buller Rehabilitation Project

Creativelines is proud to have been selected to begin a three year rehabilitation project on Mt Buller as part of their Environmental Offset for the Sustainable Water Security Project which saw the recent instillation of a new 100 megalitre dam. Works will begin in late Spring 2020 and see 45,000 local native tube stock planted amongst various sites throughout the project.


Environmental Offset

As part of the environmental offset of the  Thredbo Valley Trail project, Creativelines was sub-contracted to participate in planting approximately 18,000 native tube-stock spread over 4 hectares at Waste Point, Jindabyne.


Short Point Reserve

Back in 2016, Creativelines founder Sam Dryden was engaged by Bega Valley Shire Council as a Sole Trader to regenerate the headland at Merimbula’s iconic Short Point Reserve. The site had a large number of woody and non-woody environmental weed including Coral Trees and invasive Kikuyu Grass. The site is recognised as Aboriginal Heritage and restrictions were in place with regard to excavation. Sam was also engaged to design and construct a natural surfaced shared walking trail from the car park to the headland view point.
Since the initial works in 2016, Creativelines has continued to further the regeneration by planting over 3000 native tube stock over the visits, notably increasing the stronghold of the native vegetation on the headland.

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Kuma Nature Reserve

For a number of years we have had personal involvement in the land management of Kuma Nature Reserve. Home of the endangered Grassland Earless Dragon, and the vulnerable Striped Legless Lizard and Little Whip Snake.
Again in 2020, now as Creativelines Pty Ltd, we're proud to be re-engaged to continue control methods, monitoring and data collection of flora and fauna for NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services.


Sediment and Errosion Control

Creativelines was engaged immediately after the 2019/20 summer fires on the NSW South Coast to assist with sediment and erosion control methods which proved extremely effective in filtering and retaining a huge amount of sediment from a number of water ways and catchments throughout the region.


Cooma Monaro Dieback Scheme

Creativelines is a key consultant and contractor to the Upper Snowy Landcare organisation. Assisting with numerous large planting projects and maintenance requirements, as well as consulting with regard to progressive methodologies, data collection and processing.


Lake Curalo

Lake Curalo sits on the northern edge of Eden’s Twofold Bay. In recent years the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage partnered with the UNSW Research Laboratory to establish the Lake Curalo Coastal Management Program.
Our services have been ongoing throughout Lake Curalo Nature Reserve to assist with the management and control of a number of environmental and exotic weeds.

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Trail Auditing and Reports

Our audits have assisted land management groups be successfull in their applications for project funding as well as simply asses the trail as an asset for repair and maintenance requirements.
We use GPS, GIS and aerial imagery to provide concise condition reporting along with data collection technology to asses user types and numbers, group behaviour, regularity and peak activity times.
Our systems look at the purpose of the trail, matched trail grading system and construction methodologies. Taking into consideration the psychology of the user during the experience, animal behaviour and interference, vegetation management and control issues.
We are able to provide audits for everything from urban sidewalks to remote wilderness adventure trails.


Cobargo Park

The Cobargo bike park is an ongoing project that was initiated by the town’s very proactive community. Our services were engaged by Bega Valley Shire Council to supply design and oversee the community groups construction of the park. After the initial opening in November 2018, our crew have provided a couple of upgrades to the park and continue to work with the council and the community groups of Cobargo to progressively improve the park.


West-Side Park

Working with Bega Valley Shire Council’s Eden Place Plan Project, Creativelines was engaged to assist with the establishment of a Bush Tucker Garden, formalisation of a beginner dirt jump and junior pump track in what is locally known as West Side Park, Eden.


Presented Documentation

Creativelines produces Land Management Plans, Vegetation Management Plans, Vegetation Species Lists, Feasibility Studies and Trail Master Plans, among other documentation for both public and private sector clients. Our purpose is to share what is, along with the concepts of what could be and how we would recommend going about it. 
Research, Acknowledge, Present.


Private Gardens and Landscaping

Creativelines offers a unique landscape garden design that focuses on connectivity to native flora and fauna. We deliver a garden and landscape that encourages physical use and enjoyment while requiring minimal maintenance.
Creativelines works closely with its private clients to ensure a result that represents the lifestyle and energy of the client, with quality assurance and product guarantees.



We believe in growing.
Although we are a young company, our dedication to the native environment is deeply rooted. We are constantly propagating cuttings and germinating seed in our nursery to broaden our knowledge of plant behaviours and supply strong and localised native plants.


GreenShore Connection Project

Creativelines has been providing a range of services to the Bega Valley Shire Council: collecting data, assessing and regenerating large sections of the Merimbula Foreshore, and sculpting improvements to the Djirringanj Peoples Walk. 
This extremely valued strip of foreshore is used as a part of many peoples daily routines. The works have required diligence and clear communication with trail users and local residents.