The importance of natures ability to breath and grow is paramount to our ability to breath and grow.


Ecological Restoration

Understanding vegetation groups, behaviours and succession is paramount when designing and conducting any regeneration activities.
At Creative Lines we are constantly studying and researching the areas we work to maintain consistency while enhancing natural native regeneration.

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Our team are experienced and knowledgable when it comes to succeeding in mass-planting projects.
Combined with our management options and data collection we ensure the most effective security of any sized environmental investment.


Site Assesment

Our site surveillance systems assist land managers and organisations decide the most appropriate goals and methodologies to adopt for a successful project.

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Data Collection

Our team collect site specific and individual plant data, to assess the progress of bush regeneration projects. Our data is used to monitor flora and fauna species success, ecological outcomes, carbon sequestration rates, along monitoring and measuring the success of methodologies in the field.